Park safety

Keeping yourself, and others safe

Parks are amazing places, but can be dangerous if you are not careful.

  • Always pay attention to official rules, and regulations regarding any park that you visit, these are in place to protect you, and the park.

  • Always tell someone where you are going, regardless of whether you are with others. Some parks are small, and hard to get lost in. Other parks can be as big as a European country! Getting lost can be life-threatening.

  • Bring along plenty of drinking water. The isolation of many parks means that they may lack some basic infrastructure such as water taps. Regardless of the park you are visiting, you should always bring along enough water. Especially on hot days.

  • Stay on track! One of the quickest ways to get lost is to stray away from an official track. Don't get lost trying a "shortcut", the official park tracks are where they are for a reason, so stay on track, and don't get lost.

  • Bring a fully charged mobile phone on all adventures.

  • Buy, or print out maps of the area, to help you navigate. However, never rely on the accuracy on "unofficial" maps.

  • Parks Victoria is the authority in parks, they know parks best, and are the best people to ask, keep their number (and website) saved in your phone.
    - Phone: 13 19 63
    - Website:

  • Dont' swim, or dive, or enter waters unless there is specific signage permitting you to do so.

  • Be prepared for your conditions, in colder areas; make sure you bring a jacket, in warmer times; bring a hat . etc

  • Don't touch or disturb plants, trees, or animals. This is their home.

Above all, refer to the regulations on each park you visit. If you are unsure, contact Parks Victoria, or ask a ranger.


NOTE: This page is intended as a guide only; always refer to the official park regulations.


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